How We Can Help You

We aim to provide ethical solutions to homeowners wishing to, either, sell their property quickly or remove their mortgage burden.

Our approach is to be transparent and upfront when giving advice and to always search for a win-win solution where you win FIRST!

Who are Property LifeSavers?

Property LifeSavers are part of a network of highly knowledgeable and independent property investors around the country.

We will help people experiencing the following property issues:

  • Repossession and mortgage arrears
  • Needing to release the equity in their property fast
  • Divorce/Separation/Marriage
  • Retirement/early retirement
  • Broken chains (buyer has pulled out)
  • Difficulty in selling on open market
  • Difficulty in selling due to condition of property
  • Relocation/Emigration
  • Require fast finance for business investment or development
  • Downsizing
  • Probate
  • Ill Health
  • Bereavement